Poisoned Pen Press 

Scottsdale, Arizona-based mystery publisher Poisoned Pen Press wanted to do a rebranding effort in time for their 20th anniversary.  Taking inspiration from the lithography and rough ink work of old printing presses, the new logo and brand materials have all been designed as if they were storied and well-aged. An elegant but slightly sinister hand-lettered wordmark coupled with the skull-decorated pen drawing evokes the age of a well-worn mystery tucked between yellowed pages.

The brand was extended into the website, which was also redone. Paris green was selected as the main brand color due to its historically deadly connotations from before the turn of the century.

Using the messaging "Bound by Mystery" as the new brand tagline, additional illustrations were created to extend the brand. And, finally, a mascot character was created to add a little bit of levity to the brand. Needless to say, "Skully" is searching for merchandising opportunities.

Lead Art Direction & Design - Jessica Osborne / Magnetry

Creative Direction - Jason Smith / Magnetry