Stories Are Everywhere. I Aim to Make More.

I love the Internet a lot. Once upon a time, I began down this crazy design path for web design, but I quickly discovered I loved designing more than code crunching, so I shifted gears toward graphic design. That's why the most expensive piece of paper I'll ever own says "Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design."

My heart is in the process of cooking up stories in any medium available, digital, print, or even audio. My first love was animation (particularly Disney) and so I've learned to be a dab hand at storyboarding and designing characters. 

When I'm not doing design-related work, I'm most likely punching dragons in Tamriel or Thedas. I lend my voice to the indie game community and can be heard in award-winning mods for Skyrim like The Forgotten City, or audio-dramas and commercial voiceover here and there.

Rarely without a computer, coffee, or an  orange cat .

Rarely without a computer, coffee, or an orange cat.